Art at 6600

Through citizen participation, and in collaboration with MASSIVart, Montreal artists’ new creations will emerge in 2021 at the 6600 Saint-Urbain building.

Show your colours

The 6600 Saint-Urbain building has been a part of the Mile-Ex neighbourhood for more than half a century.

Canderel and MASSIVart are inviting you to join your voices in the art integration process for this landmark building.

Be a part of the creative process

— Art at 6600 Saint-Urbain
Survey | January 18 – February 01
People from the Mile-Ex community share their
thoughts on art in their neighbourhood.
Call for proposals | February 12 – March 14
Artists submit proposals following feedback
from the community.
Time to vote | date TBC
The public votes for their favourite art proposal.
Finalist | date TBC
The finalist artist and project are revealed.
Making of the artwork | date TBC
Artist is producing the artwork
at 6600 Saint-Urbain.
Unveiling | date TBC
The official unveiling of the final
artwork at 6600 Saint-Urbain.
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In partnership with MASSIVart

MASSIVart is an award-winning global art consultancy and production agency. We collaborate with emerging and established artists as well as professionals in the creative industry to foster dialogue, via art, with communities. Our approach includes the commissions of murals, public artworks, and cultural programs to work with our clients to transform their spaces, enhance their projects and create memorable and genuine art-driven experiences for their clients and the communities surrounding their projects.

MASSIVart & its not-for-profit branch Chromatic are proud to be from Montreal and shining across the world, contributing to our local creative industry’s exportation!

Innovation rendezvous

In collaboration with Montreal’s renowned Quartier de l’innovation, Canderel is making room for innovative Proptech solutions and projects at 6600 Saint-Urbain.

Don’t miss a thing

Get news surrounding art creations at 6600 Saint-Urbain.